In addition to outreach efforts like university scholarships, informative school talks, and a Summer Camp for future ready leaders, JYCGIF is launching 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+ (“G4G Coding+”), a global community outreach initiative empowering teen girls through the “train the trainer” model. Girls participating in this program learn coding and other programming languages of the future, enjoy mentoring and networking opportunities, and develop vital leadership skills. They subsequently feel equipped and motivated to volunteer to train other girls in their community to program, set goals, problem solve – and become future ready leaders! Through G4G Coding+, we aim to inspire, equip and ultimately empower 10,000 teen girls in the coming few years to approach every possible career path as future ready leaders.


10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+ Summer Camp for Future Ready Leaders 2022

Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation (“JYCGIF”) is excited to host its annual 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+ Summer Camp for Future Ready Leaders 2022 (“Camp”)! The Camp, held on July 27, July 28, Aug 3, Aug 4 and Aug 5, 2022, at the Hong Kong Science Park, will prepare teen girls to become future ready leaders by teaching them to code, adopt a tech-forward mindset, and develop vital leadership skills!

At Camp, teen girls will come away empowered with Digital Literacies, Leadership Development, University & Pre-Career Preparation and Networking Opportunities.

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FutureGEN Young Women Leaders Award

The 10,000 G4G Coding+ FutureGEN Young Women Leaders Award  recognizes the milestones achieved by participants at different stops along the Girls4Girls Coding+ Journey: from learning coding to developing as leaders and making an impact on the community.

Participation points and coding or leadership badges can be earned at our every program or event. Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards will be given to teen girls participating in our coding and leadership workshops, community outreach, and networking and career opportunities in the business community.