In addition to outreach efforts like university scholarships, informative school talks, and a Summer Camp for future ready leaders, JYCGIF is launching 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+ (“G4G Coding+”), a global community outreach initiative empowering teen girls through the “train the trainer” model. Girls participating in this program learn coding and other programming languages of the future, enjoy mentoring and networking opportunities, and develop vital leadership skills. They subsequently feel equipped and motivated to volunteer to train other girls in their community to program, set goals, problem solve – and become future ready leaders! Through G4G Coding+, we aim to inspire, equip and ultimately empower 10,000 teen girls in the coming few years to approach every possible career path as future ready leaders.


CareerXplorer Programme

Teen girls require exposure to career possibilities early on. To empower them to tap into their talents and pursue their unique interests, JYCGIF recently launched the CareerXplorer Programme as part of the flagship 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+ initiative! CareerXplorer real world immersive work experiences, aimed at activating, engaging, and inspiring them, will offer teen girls a head start on achieving their career goals.

CareerXplorer will provide hands-on opportunities for real world learning through interactive exposure to workplaces in high tech, tourism, retail, finance, entertainment, medicine, and other industries. Students will engage with professionals from diverse sectors and industries and try their hand at different positions. They will leave inspired and motivated to dream BIG and pursue their ambitions!


10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+ Summer Camp for Future Ready Leaders (July 27 – Aug 5, 2022)

Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation (“JYCGIF”) is excited to host its annual 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+ Summer Camp for Future Ready Leaders 2022 (“Camp”)! The Camp, held on July 27, July 28, Aug 3, Aug 4 and Aug 5, 2022, at the Hong Kong Science Park, will prepare teen girls to become future ready leaders by teaching them to code, adopt a tech-forward mindset, and develop vital leadership skills!

summer camp 2022

First official 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding⁺ 2022 Summer Camp for Future Ready Leaders

Our first official 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding “Plus” Camp empowered teen girls by teaching them to code, adopt a tech-forward mindset, and develop vital leadership skills! Through our “train the trainer” model, Summer Campers left empowered to volunteer to train girls in their community to code, too.

The focus of our G4G Coding “Plus” programs is: Digital Literacies, Leadership Development, University & Pre-Career Preparation, Networking Opportunities. Our Camp brought together a wide variety of speakers for a crash course in leadership 101! It also introduced students to a world of coding – the basic literacy of the digital age and prerequisite for jobs of the future. Improving computational, communication, and problem-solving skills, while fostering creativity and self-confidence, helps prepare students to enter the future as digital leaders!

Thanks to our 20 Coding Explorer Program graduates and volunteers from International Christian School (ICS), Chinese International School (CIS), Precious Blood Secondary School (PBSS), Cheltenham Ladies’ College (CLC) and other channels who engaged in meaningful ways with our F.2 and F.3 Campers to uplift and empower them to tap into all their passions! Special thanks to Ms. Phyllis Lee, Ms. Ceci Lau, Mr. Julian Cheng, Ms. Fiona O, Ms. Secy Cheung and Ms. Anushka Purohit for serving as guest speakers encouraging all students to lead!

“Thank you, JYC Girls Impact Foundation, for having me! I believe everyone can be a future leader!” shared by Mr. Julian Cheng

“The content of the coding workshop is very dynamic and comprehensive. At the same time, students are learning how to code step by step.” Ms. Angela Lui, Careers Mistress of Pui Ching Middle School told us.

“It made quite an impact on me.  It turns out teen girls enjoy coding a lot! Students are willing to communicate, discuss with each other, and try their hand at coding during the course!” Mr. Ng Kwok Ngai, Career Master of ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School.

First official 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding⁺ 2022 Summer Camp for Future Ready Leaders!

JYCGIF 2021 Summer Camp for Future Ready Leaders Kicks Off (July 24 – July 30, 2021)

JYCGIF’s first Summer Camp for future ready leaders kicked off last week! Our pilot 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding event, the 2021 Camp empowered teen girls from Po Leung Kuk schools through coding training, leadership development and sports to rise to any challenge – and enter the future as digital leaders!

On Opening Day, students received a crash course in leadership, hearing firsthand from women trailblazers in education, philanthropy, finance and sports! Our heartfelt thanks to Helena Pong, Vice Chairman of Po Leung Kuk; Rachel Chan, Co-Founder of Esperanza; Grace Yu of Credit Suisse, and HK tennis pro Ling Zhang, Inspiring HK, for inspiring a can-do spirit in teen girls!

“Leadership is not an innate quality. We all need to step out of our comfort zone to grow!” Helena Pong, Po Leung Kuk Vice Chairman, told students.

The engine driving our Camp was a 10-hour gamified coding class! Led by Esperanza x CoderZ teachers and teaching assistants, the class introduced students to a world of coding – the basic literacy of the digital age. A prerequisite for jobs of the future, coding improves computational, communication, and problem-solving skills while fostering creativity and self-confidence.

“In medicine, law, and the physical sciences, there are far more women in those fields today globally. But computer science is a different story,” said Jeanne Cheng, Teaching Assistant in the Coding Workshop. “Women with jobs in that field represent a tiny minority, with numbers declining. We need to change that, and teaching coding is an important first step.”

During Camp, teen girls also heard the success stories of young entrepreneurs who learned early on never to take no for an answer and to build the self-confidence, determination, and grit—in addition to hard skills – fundamental to business. At the Corporate Workshop facilitated by Alibaba, Debbie Lau and Kyle Kok, Co-Founders of Lecopt Technology Limited, and Vicky Wong and Hoffman Chau, of the Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, emphasized five important business skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

“Entrepreneurship is a mindset – anyone can adopt it!” said Debbie Lau, Lecopt Technology Limited, Speaker at the Alibaba Corporate Workshop. “We need to nurture this mindset in teen girls: to teach them not only financial skills but to see themselves as entrepreneurs and leaders at a young age.”

Thanks to Inspiring HK, Campers also engaged in a wide variety of sports and fitness activities, including dodgebee, yoga, k-pop dancing, thai boxing and more! They left feeling pumped – ready to take on any challenge: in the classroom, in the field, and in life!

The pilot program of JYCGIF’s 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding initiative, the Summer Camp was built on the “train the trainer” model, whereby girls receive coding training and then feel empowered to volunteer to train girls in their community to code, too. We look forward to hearing from our Campers as they pass on their coding training to their peers and to other girls in their communities! We can’t wait to unveil our next 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding experience! Stay tuned for more details.

JYCGIF 2021 Summer Camp for Future Ready Leaders Kicks Off!

FutureGEN Young Women Leaders Award

The 10,000 G4G Coding+ FutureGEN Young Women Leaders Award  recognizes the milestones achieved by participants at different stops along the Girls4Girls Coding+ Journey: from learning coding to developing as leaders and making an impact on the community.

Participation points and coding or leadership badges can be earned at our every program or event. Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards will be given to teen girls participating in our coding and leadership workshops, community outreach, and networking and career opportunities in the business community.