Advancing girls to lead and fulfill their boundless potential

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Advancing teenage girls to lead and fulfill their boundless potential

We believe that all girls possess the talent, grit and courage to lead in their own way – they just need help unlocking them!

It’s our mission at JYC Girls Impact Foundation to open the door for all girls to unleash their boundless potential and make a positive, lasting impact everywhere they go.

We want to help teenage girls get ready for their future! By providing girls with future ready resources – education access, tech skills and mindset, and the inspiration and ability to lead with confidence, we are equipping girls with the agency to make their own decisions and become future generation leaders.

Founded by Jennifer Yu Cheng, an education thought leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist, JYC Girls Impact Foundation harnesses the power of education to empower girls to become future ready leaders.


“Leadership is a behavior, not a title! Everyone is born with the ability to lead – it’s about tapping into those qualities and inspiring others to imagine a better future for their community and the world!”

An educational thought leader, Jennifer Yu Cheng has been committed to promoting educational development for over a decade. As Deputy Vice Chairwoman and Group President of CTF Education Group, Jennifer is responsible for driving and implementing the group’s strategy to build a unique synergistic education ecosystem that advances the frontiers of K-12 education.

Jennifer’s passion for education took root at home. Her grandfather, who did not have a formal education, emphasized the value of education as the bedrock of knowledge, inspiration and the ability to change the world. At the age of 14, Jennifer had the opportunity to attend Choate Rosemary Hall, an American boarding school, and upon graduation, she moved to New York City to study at Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Sciences where she graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering Operations Research and a minor in Economics.

Jennifer began her professional life in the finance industry. After a successful career at Goldman Sachs as Executive Director in the Fixed Income Currency and Commodities division in Hong Kong, Jennifer applied her business acumen and passion for education to a project that would become her life’s mission: to create the best possible educational opportunities for children and teens. Jennifer co-founded ARCH Education, an expert education institute whose mission is to bridge the education gap through delivering transformational programs and providing expert education and admissions counselling. Through her work with ARCH, Jennifer and her team have helped thousands of students realize their dreams of becoming accepted to Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and dozens of the world’s finest universities and boarding schools.

In 2011, Jennifer co-founded ARCH Community Outreach (ACO), a non-profit organization dedicated to broadening Hong Kong students’ exposure and improving their access to international education opportunities, with a particular focus on supporting and sponsoring under-resourced high achievers in Hong Kong in their applications to global top universities.

Jennifer is currently Supervisor of Victoria Educational Organisation (VEO), School Manager of DSC International School, School Manager of Delia Memorial Schools and Board Member of Wycombe Abbey Hong Kong. Additionally, she sits on the Board of Visitors of the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science of Columbia University, is a member of the Courts of The University of Hong Kong and Lingnan University, Vice President of UNESCO Hong Kong Association, Co-Chair of the Hong Kong Choate Club, Honorary Advisor of School Board of Continuing Education of the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association, Member of Victoria Shanghai Academy’s Academic Planning and Development Committee, Ambassador to Love Foundation, and Asia Pacific Leadership Council Member of The Nature Conservancy.

In recognition of her contributions to the field of education and child development, Jennifer was in 2019 awarded the Women of Hope Award in the Children’s Advocate category by the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation. In 2021, Jennifer was named one of Prestige magazine’s “40 Under 40” and was acknowledged by Tatler on “Asia’s Most Influential List”.

Jennifer Yu Cheng
Executive Director

There are many paths towards your goal, but it is not the paths but rather your determination that gets you there!

Cecilia Hon is Executive Director of JYC Girls Impact Foundation. Cecilia is responsible for developing and directing the Foundation’s organizational mission, strategy and policies, and overseeing the management of JYCGIF events, programs, and activities. Cecilia also spearheads community outreach and strategic engagement on behalf of the Foundation. Cecilia has over 20 years of experience in strategic business development, brand building, and event and operations management in the entertainment, NGO, and sports sectors. Cecilia comes to JYCGIF from the Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey (HKAIH), where she served as Chief Executive for 10 years – building the Academy from the ground up and creating an Ice Hockey presence for youths in Hong Kong. HKAIH is one of the major contributors to the rapid growth and localization of ice hockey in Hong Kong and the region. Cecilia believes everyone has signature talents, and she is committed accompanying young people to unleash their boundless potential.

Cecilia Hon

“By embracing diversity, we broaden our perspectives and grow as individuals and as communities!”

Tallie Lieberman is Director of JYC Girls Impact Foundation (JYCGIF) and Senior Editor and Project Associate at CTF Education Group (CTFEG). A seasoned writer and editor from Washington, D.C., Tallie is a former Middle East-based journalist and served as Tel Aviv University’s Communications Manager prior to joining JYCGIF and CTFEG. Trained on the news desks of CNN at the United Nations, The Associated Press Jerusalem Bureau and The International New York Times/Haaretz, Tallie’s diverse international reporting and editing has run the gamut from breaking news, politics and national security to science, business, lifestyle and the arts. Tallie followed her passion for education to Tel Aviv University, where she spent seven years distilling complex, cutting-edge research into vibrant, newsworthy stories aimed at a global readership.

Prior to her work in the Middle East, Tallie’s writing took her to Beijing, China, where she worked as an English speechwriter for Israel’s Ambassador to China and freelanced at The China Daily and The Beijinger. Tallie holds an M.Sc. in Development Economics from the London School of Economics and a B.A. in History from Columbia University. Tallie speaks native English, fluent Spanish and Hebrew, and conversational Bahasa Indonesia. Tallie believes that diversity of experience, perspective and environment fuels creativity and innovation, bridges gaps and fosters lasting camaraderie: “By embracing diversity, we exponentially broaden our perspectives and grow as individuals and as communities!”

Tallie Lieberman

“We are what we make of our opportunities!
Make every experience count!”

Kylie Ng is Senior Manager of JYC Girls Impact Foundation (JYCGIF), serving as the Foundation’s events coordinator, community manager and main point of contact for our partners and members. Kylie comes to JYC Girls Impact with a wealth of experience in community outreach, strategic planning and execution and partnership building in the fields of education and philanthropy. Kylie also serves as Senior Manager at CTF Education Group Charitable Foundation (CTFEGCF) and Charity Manager at ARCH Community Outreach (ACO).

Prior to ACO, Kylie worked as Fundraising Manager for the St. James’ Settlement, spearheading new fundraising campaigns that demonstrated her expertise in planning, execution and problem solving. Kylie has devoted both her professional and personal life to better understanding and assisting all sectors of society, specifically children, teenagers, the elderly and people with disabilities. She is an energetic, dependable, detail-oriented and global-minded person, deeply invested in uplifting and empowering disadvantaged groups. She lives her life according to: “We are what we make of our opportunities! Make every experience count!”

Kylie Ng