Inspirational Life and Leadership Lessons: Empowering Youth for The Future

What does leadership mean to you?

“Leadership means dreaming big, leading from the heart, being the first to take the blame yet most ready to share success,” Catherine Leung
, co-founder and partner at MizMaa Ventures, told students at a special JYC Girls Impact Foundation School Talk: “Inspirational Life and Leadership Lessons: Empowering Youth for the Future” held at St. Paul’s School (Lam Tin) on June 29th.

In a lively discussion with JYCGIF Founder Jennifer Yu Cheng, Catherine explored experiences in high school that helped shape her personality, major events that motivated her to make career moves, and the real traits that make for strong, charismatic leaders.

Thank you, Catherine, for shining a bright light for future generations of women leaders!

“I was really inspired by Catherine suggesting that we should always try new things and not be afraid to fail,” said Yoyo Chan, Form 5 at St. Paul’s School. “In the past, I was quite timid and had the sense of being afraid to lose, and I could not truly open myself up and embrace new challenges ahead of me. Catherine’s story really encouraged me to manifest my talents and be brave enough to take initiative. I particularly remembered that she kept in mind that the cup of water she was holding was ‘half full’ rather than ‘half empty’, which reminds me to never lose faith in myself and be proactive all the time to refill the cup of water that I am holding. Very inspirational!”

“In the past, I always thought that learning something that was not related to my ultimate goal was a waste of time,” said Bridgit Lee, Form 5 at St. Paul’s School. “However, after listening to the experiences of both Catherine and Jennifer, I know that everything we learn may help us one day when we approach new opportunities. This talk helped changed my mindset, and I will now treasure every chance I have to learn something new!”

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