How can I enroll?

JYCGIF collaborates with international and local schools.  Interested parties could enroll 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+ via their schools, or selected NGOs.

How much prior knowledge do I need to enroll in 10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+?

10,000 Girls4Girls Coding+ is designed for teen girls who have little or no knowledge in coding.  The program engages these girls through empowering them to code, who eventually will be able to perform the functions of beauty cams on their own.

What is the programming language I will learn?

Currently, Python, one of the most popular programming languages in the world, would be one of the coding languages we teach


Is there an age limit for the students?

We welcome current secondary school teen girls aged 13 or above to join our programs.

Will I get a certificate for this program?

A certificate will be awarded once the participant has met the particular program / activity requirements.

What are the requirements to earn the badges / certificates of completion?

You can earn our activity participation points/ coding skill-level or leadership badges from joining any of our programs or events and becoming our member. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards will be awarded to teen girls participating in coding and leadership workshops and engaging in networking and career building opportunities with leaders of the business community.

What devices can I use to access the Coding Explorer Program?

Desktop Computer or Laptop Computer would be the best option.