CareerXplorer is up and running!

On Saturday, March 25, 16 teen girls aged 15 – 16 from five HK schools got a head start on their educational and career goals through our first CareerXplorer event led by Intuitive Fosun Hong Kong – Da Vinci Xi!

In their first glimpse into the evolution of surgery, participants heard from Intuitive Fosum engineers about the Da Vinci surgical platforms, which over the last two decades has pioneered new capabilities in the OR – transforming the field of surgery.

After the stimulating career talk, students enjoyed the opportunity to wield the Surgical Console and experience Lap Surgery Teamwork Tasks for themselves!

“I immensely enjoyed the part where we got to learn more about different operative equipment. Joining this workshop literally widened my horizons and helped solidify my decision to pursue my career in medicine,” said Shuen from Jasmine Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School.

Read more media coverage:

Headline Daily: 鄭余雅穎基金推「職將啟航」計劃助年輕女孩職前規劃

Sina Hong Kong: Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation Partners with Industry Leaders to Offer Teen Girls Head Start on “CareerXploration”

Hong Kong Business Times: 鄭余雅穎 • 培菁女性創效基金推出「職將啟航」計劃 與領先企業夥伴攜手 引領年輕女孩追尋夢想

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